Strata living: What you need to know

May 11, 2022

We’ve designed Woodside Bundanoon to be a community within a community. Our committed group of professionals wanted to provide an opportunity for locals to downsize without having to move away from the area and community they call home. Strata living is the ideal option for active retirees, giving you all the freedom to continue your active, connected lifestyle without compromising on the comforts and connections that you’ve come to love. So what are the benefits of this style of home ownership?

What is strata title property?

For many retirees downsizing from the family home, the strata set-up is a new arrangement. According to McGrath, buying strata is different from buying a house – which includes the purchase of the land title or the entire block of land. “If you buy a property that is part of a strata title, you not only own the unit, apartment or townhouse (called the lot), but you also share the ownership of what’s called ‘common property’ which includes areas like foyers, lifts, fences, gardens and swimming pools. These areas are the shared responsibility of all property owners of the building.”

What does that mean for Woodside Bundanoon owners?

Buying a strata title as part of Woodside Bundanoon means you own your villa. You’ll also share ownership of:

  • the communal green space
  • landscaped gardens and nature strip
  • garden path that winds through the complex
  • community garden and more

What are my responsibilities?

As a lot owner of Woodside Bundanoon, you’ll abide by the laws as set out by the body corporate, once it’s established. You’ll pay a levy to the body corporate to contribute to maintenance and repair. You’ll also be invited to attend the meeting and have a say in renovations, repairs and finance.

What are the benefits of strata living?

At Woodside, we value ease, independence and connection. All the villas are low-maintenance; repairs will be taken care of by the strata manager via the body corporate and paid for by the strata fees.

Further, the thoughtfully designed and landscaped common areas will be kept to the highest standards – the village roads and signs, gardens, outdoor entertainment areas and all the natural features that make Bundanoon so special will be well taken care of, while you get on with living your best life.

We expect that Woodside will become a community within a community. You’ll have the chance to get to know your neighbours, and be actively involved in the running of the community (if you’d like to).

Of course having neighbours close by is also a great comfort for many, especially if they live alone or have partners who travel.

More information about strata title living

We chose Henderfield Southern Highlands as our local real estate agent because they take the time to talk with buyers about their expectations. Get in touch to set up a call and talk through the process of buying into the Woodside Bundanoon community.

And for more information about buying a strata property, the NSW Government has excellent resources. You might like to start right here.

For more information about Woodside Bundanoon please complete our online enquiry form or contact our agents at Henderfield directly on 02 4868 200 or Ray White on 486 218 94

Woodside Bundanoon acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of this land and pays respects to Elders both past and present. We would also like to acknowledge our young leaders who are the Elders of today, tomorrow and our future.